• Username: adrianbdean
  • Member Since: 2007-11-19
  • vash_the_unholy

  • Oldwolf

    Hiya folks. Well, let's get the important stuff out of the way first eh? For purposes of sex scenes, I draw a hard and fast limit at age 15. You won't find a story posted by me featuring young...
  • Vulkan

    I love to write Alternate universe fics.. I have already written a few that are incomplete.. Upcoming AU fics: Mages and Knights - A Dragon's might This is another AU fic where Harry wins ev...
  • PuckSilverbreeze

    My fics often have Uber and BDSM overtures. The place to talk about my fics interactively is
  • bigdonadiet

  • stuffjeff

  • Mrriddler

    ATTENTION: The stories contained under this profile at this site will no longer be updated.
  • roxbury

  • BrianJ

  • haymak

    Hi everyone! I have been reading fanfiction for almost 2 years now and have finally gotten up the guts to write a story of my own. I have written the first 4 chapters to start and am hoping to ad...
  • red_jacobson

    I'm 51 years old, living in Nashville, Tennessee; and; when I'm not writing Harry Potter or Buffy-verse fan-fiction; you can find me writing my own information products. My favorite Harry ships ar...
  • CrimsonRogue

    Biggest single piece of information about me: I like the darkness. Seriously. I like fanfics where the protagonist's morals are iffy to start with or where the "Golden" hero's morals are corrupte...
  • cloneserpents

  • iamhawk

    30+ year old Swedish fanfiction writer, known as The Crazy Swede, The Deviant Viking and I am also very proud of my reputation as the fanfiction worlds laziest updater. :)
  • DrT

    Writer & reader of Harry Potter fan fics when not being a History professor.
  • Oblivion12

    Not much about me. Except that I hate Slash or any form of Male/Male Stories. seriously it creeps the hell out of me.(no offence to the ones who wrote them and reads them) At the current moment,...
  • Dark_Mage

    I'm having touble with my stories at the moment as you can probably tell from the lack of updates posted. I'm in a pickle with the pairing for my Harry Potter/LOTR crossover. Here are the new o...
  • LabRat

    If you ever wonder if God has a sense of humor, then look at his placement of the male and female G-spots. The female's is in a place that most men can't find or reach, and the male's (the prostat...
  • LadyEternalNight

  • rpnielsen

  • pettybureaucrat

  • bloodylord

  • PerfesserN

    Married with three cats. Guitarist and occasional sketch artist, painter. Writer of things seen and unseen.
  • LDA

    As you can see from my fic I can't write worth a damn, I feel the need to vent though.... What the hell is up the all the Gay!Harry fics? is being gay the new "IN" thing these days? I am a strai...
  • sagesolon

  • Clell65619

    - Sadly, I've stopped posting on Ficwad because the interface for uploading to the site has just become far too much work. I spent an hour and an half attempting to upload a chapter to Sun Source a...
  • Diviniti

  • HarryGinnyTonks

  • dust101

  • fleur4ever

  • The_Blood_Rider

  • bluminous

  • lucifael75

    I've been writing longer than it appears. :) My first piece of Fanfic was written when I was ... 13 odd, but lets move swiftly on from that! I started out, really, by writing BtVS Fanfic centered...
  • Scriptare

    Reading and writing fanfiction with the atom of space I call 'free time'. That or I'm working... again.
  • NoOneInteresting

    I've been a fanfic lurker since just before OotP. Been a wannabe fanfic writer (meaning I write outlines but never write the stories) since just after. I live in a small town in California t...
  • 5andahook

  • gbgentleman

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