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Hmm, this new design's going to take a lot of getting used to.
Aww, the hist counter for each story on the Manage Stories page is gone! I liked it :/
I meant the hits counters. I have the dumb.
The hits counter will be back -- It's just one of those things which causes extra database load, so it's disabled to start with.

As I see how well the site stands up to actually being used, I'll start re-enabling features.
Someone mentioned chapter navigation within stories being missing. Also the ads and stuff still remain on the right-hand side when reading stories, which makes the story text align oddly compared to the old way (when the login/ads/etc. stuff wasn't there, at least as far as I remember).

The text is bigger, too, was that intentional?
I hate waiting so bad sometimes...i mean, i LOVE waiting to get my shots voice drips with scarcasiem No one likes shots!! W...T...H. Voice in head: We are not talking about stupid shots!
welcome back!!!

I actually missed this place!! And now I'll miss Sudoku
Unicode Issues
It seems like I can't upload any text with Unicode or UTF-8 encoded characters - it gets cut off completely.
It's here!
But I feel like such a n00b. I can't navigate through anything and the stories are in a weird order... but it's back!
sprry if this has been asked already but has anyone had problems uploading stories... theres no characters to select in my 'character box'

help anyone? =]