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Original Writers
I read mostly original stories! If you wrote or know any good ones, post them please!
...Peh. Our forums need to get active-er. =3
What kind of original stories? Genre? Mood?

Myself I write erotic fantasy and erotic superhero stories...no way to know if that is what you are looking for, but they do surely fit the label original.
Erm, I don't read erotica, lol.

I wrote it.

You won't get it unless you read my other stories 2010-An Era of War and The Five Gems. (The latter of wich is incomplete)

Crossovers between one's own stories for the win.
Just click on my name and check out my profile. I have a smattering of sci-fi and fantasy stuff, some of which I feel quite good about. Check out Wild and Scattered, which I feel the best about, if you want it narrowed down.

And please review, if you can. I crave the feedback, be it praise or not, as long as it is mildly spesific.

Yay self promotion!