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How do I get Italics to show up?
I'm having a big problem with the site eating my italics. In order to post anything here I have to copy & paste into the text editing box. Before the upgrade i was able to get around that problem by using & for anything I wanted italicized. Now that doesn't work at all. Any help in this matter would greatly be appreciated! Thanks!!
Frankly, Kira, I just upload from a file now. Try saving as HTML.

Or use these: //

Like so.
Thanks Ith, But ficwad refuses to see the text in my documents no matter what I save them as so i have to go & copy & paste into the text box. I always had that problem here & with the update, it's gotten worse. ^^;
/wow/ i finally figured it out. thankz
I figured I'd just resurrect this...
I'm having problems with italics despite uploading everything as straight html.

Unless the slashes or italic XHTML tags are surrounded by spaces, the conversion goes awry.

So text comes out italic, but /text/. doesn't. At least not in the story I just uploaded.

It feels like a regex mistake.
honorless-- I am so GLAD someone figured out what was going on.

I was about to ask in here why the first example of italics in my story is not italicized, but contained by //, yet later on it works just fine. I'm using HTML tags because I think in HTML, and I was wondering if ficwad just didn't like them.

Is there any way to get italics to work with punctuation around it, or is this just a bug?
And more to the point, it sounds like a quick code fix... bats eyelashes at site admins

pretty please? A lot of my fics have looked wretched ever since the upgrade, because of the // showing up all over the place. I know, I know, overuse of italics is the mark of an amateur writer.
Okay, I'm new on here...As far as the ratings are concerened...What do "spoilers" and "mild spoilers" mean? Does it mean like...Giving things about the story away? If so...Why would that count as a warning? lol Because if they they just read it, they should know what happens in it, right?
Please help!
Oh sorry...
I meant to post this in another thread, but I posted it here. Sorry!
Another plea to the Powers That Be to fix ficwad so that italics display properly.

It is bally frustrating to have them look great on LJ and anywhere else, but as soon as they're archived here, whooops! Sorry, you can't have next to any kind of punctuation whatsoever, or ficwad converts it to visible slashes and removes the italics.