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Rating Questions
I've got a fanfic that's nearly complete that I want to post on Ficwad... and it's a strange sort of little thing. You see, it's an "It's a Wonderful Life" fic, where a character finds out what would have happened if he had never existed. In this story, the character finds out that one of his nemeses was the recpient of what, in an explicit fic, would be [R][Y], a friend of his was nearly [R] and was a victim of [V] before dying, and watches another character perform the same attempted murder that he did in the canon timeline... but the other character succeeding. The [R] and [R][Y] are never explicitly stated to happen, although it is heavily implied. the [V] is not shown directly but implied in detail. I plan on giving it a [V] regardless, but should I/Do I have to do the [R][Y] since it is only implied that it happened some time before the fic took place, and never explicitly stated, much less described? I mean, I want my rating to be accurate... but I don't want to be pegged as having written something illegal under the (now defunct) COPPA when nothing is actually depicted.
The warnings (soon to be renamed to "Flags") are there for convenience and courtesy, more than as strict rules. Most of the things on the list are fairly subjective, and we recognize that there's no way we'd ever be able to enforce them (such as in the case of, say, spoilers) even if we wanted to. When you're picking warnings for your fic, try to think about your readers--do you think that someone who's squicked by sexual violence would be squicked by your fic?

That said, though, I'd say that if it isn't described in the fic, there's no reason to add the warning. There's a huge difference between a character mentioning that something happened in the past and, say, that character experiencing vivid flashbacks of the event.
All but one of the ratings in question are definately coming down then. However.. can I ask your personal opinion about one of the ratings? I didn't do a very good job go explaining it in the original post and it's still sort of got me wondering... and the chapter it happens in is the next one that's going to go up.
That's pretty much how I handled the [V] in my story. There are plenty of fight scenes, but only a few that show gore or bone or the really scary stuff. I only V-marked the especially descriptive fights.
I always rate my fanfics as V for Violence. Why? Because American Dad and Futurama have violence that is aimed at adults and teenagers! I am never afraid to be graphic in my fanfics.