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Italics not displaying correctly
A lot of my stories seem to have words with slashes around them like this rather than actual /italics/, especially the ones that should have a lot of italics tags in them. If it's not too difficult, it would be nice to see this fixed sometime soon... I'm hesitant to post new fic up if the formatting doesn't look right, it's too hard to read.
............wait, what.

So the site makes italics when I put spaces in between the slashes.

But when I write italics with no spaces between the slashes, then there are no actual italics.

.... I imported a story from an HTML file and it turned all my <i>stuff</i> tags into stuff (without spaces), not stuff (with spaces). FAIL, conversion thingie, FAIL. :(
....................and it's different the second time I post.

Okay, I'm really confused now. :(