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u no it ;]
Woo. My Chemical Romance are amazing.

Fave song?

Mine's Disenchanted and The Jetset Life Is Going To Kill You.

How about you?
I only like one song Teenagers other then that I hate them
love them. saw them live at the EMAs and got some of the red and white confetti
that's So cool you went to EMA I would of loved to of gone there!
well, i wanted to go to their düsseldorf concert but couldnt so i did everything to get a ticket für the EMAs because they said that there wont be a new album till 2009 which means the wont play again until then v___v
dudes, i luv mcr
meh fave songs are our lady of sorrow and headfirst for halos!
i wanna go see them sooo bad!
sho here like frerard? XD
My fave song is Headfirst for Halos...its weird I really didn't like them because they were so popular (I'm not usually into mainstream music) but then I read like a really beautiful fanfic about them and I gave them a chance...now I can get enough mcr!