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Perhaps we should come together and shout our frustrations? (rant)
I can't take this anymore. People have complained about many, many things that have happened to this site ever since the "upgrade" a couple of months back. And the Admin have hardly done a thing about these complaints, much less said anything.

Off the top of my head, here're the things people are complaining about: uploading problems (formatting not working correctly, not working at all, error messages, etc.), no e-mails from alerts (review, story updating, etc.), the lack of the site-specific search, the disappearance of sorting and filtering by characters/genre/completion/etc., chapter-viewing problems, reviews messing up (not showing up or updating, etc.)...

Heck, just look at the Site Issues board in general. Almost every complaint have gone unanswered, even ones about features that got lost in the "upgrade." I'm starting to wonder if the Admin even LOOK at this forum.

Maybe the Admin are busy with something in real life. Maybe they ARE fixing it, I dunno. Either way, I wish they would say something and talk to us! Please!
I was going to post a big complaint about all my tags being converted to / which is pointless, stupid, and seriously has no need. It's not pretty and I'd rather not have people think that was my fault.

I've mentioned the reviews thing before, but I can live with that, as I've never gotten many reviews at all.

I can live with the weird forums where on every other post I seem to have replied (when I haven't o_O). That's weird but not site breaking.

The ratings would have been nice, but I can live without it. I really enjoyed the idea of getting more points for being more helpful, since that was a system that seemed destined to encourage actual improvement in giving reviews and getting feedback.

I can even live with the SUPER ANNOYING link break when you're trying to flag a review as unhelpful and yet be able to flag one as helpful with no problem.

What I can't live with is the PM me button going missing and my settings change, especially when people are submitting my fics to contests without my permission or knowledge when they can't contact me.

What I can't live with is ever since I joined there has been issues and problems that hurt the usability of this site, and those have nothing to do with ratings or reviews or formatting or contacting authors or seeing your username on posts you KNOW you haven't even read yet, much less replied to.

I'm seriously thinking of going back to MediaMiner, which is not what it used to be, and I find the atmosphere there too SlashnLiekOMGZyay these days. I was even briefly thinking of FF.net, then stabbed myself with a spork.

I like this site, and I like the atmosphere and when things are working, the system here. It's so sad that problems like this are ruining a perfectly good site, and the admins seem to be taking a page from SixApart's book and not talking to people and saying "We know, we fixing."
I, for one, have stopped shouting my frustrations (the admins don't seem to be interested anyway) and instead decided to immigrate to Skyehawke. So Ficwad, have a nice life pouts.
The thing that I'm most pissed about is all the retarded Gay ads going around.

But yeah, the so called 'upgrade' did a lot of bad things to the site. But hell, it doesn't crash as much as it used too, but they seemed to have got rid of the previous problems only to make room for new ones.
Perhaps we should hit the admins where it hurts - in their pockets.
I am turning on the AdBlock filter for this site.
I hope you do the same.
Doing that just discourages them because then they need to seek funds to run the site which detracts from their time fixing it. Website building is not a simple thing. Just be patient, it's not as if you're paying directly to keep the site running. Almost everyone that comes here has broadband service in all likelihood, so letting the ads load isn't going to kill you.
I'm completely new to the site--I joined not two days ago--but I've noticed quite a few problems that have nothing to do with being a writer on the site.
1.Reviewing is a right pain in the ass because it often doesn't give you any notification that you have indeed posted, which leads to you clicking the review button manically until you give up, only to realize that you just posted your comment a grand total of 17 times! Erm.......
2. Multi-chaptered stories do not show up at all. One-shots show up just fine, but if it's more than that, I'd suggest you start looking for where else the story might be posted on the net.
3. The formatting is hideous. You may say that qualifies as a writer's complaint, but personally, I hate reading things that aren't laid out nicely so as to appeal to the eye.
I have yet to attempt to upload any of my work and quite frankly, I'm scared to after all the other problems I've come across. If it weren't for the fact that I've found whole categories of things that I haven't found anywhere else on the net, I think I would just forget about this site and continue on with my other upload sites. Ah well. The good with the bad, I suppose.
I am very confuse about the fact that I can't see my reviews, let's say a story has 3 reviews, and I click to see the reviews, I won't see the reviews at all...
Well at least this site is trying to be fixed -.-'
For yrena, what's wrong with FF.net?
I wonder if Admin comes to this site at all.

I think he put the site together and is now using FF.Net and forgot that he owned this site and we all are using it.