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How do you upload a story?
I need help to know how you upload a story. I am still new here, and I am so confused. Thank you for anyone who helps.
Where you see 'My Account' up at the top right of your screen, click on that.

Then you will see five things:
Alerts- Manage email alerts
Favorites- Manage favorites
Reviews- See reviewes for all your stories
Stories- Edit and upload new stories
Profile- Edit your profile.

Where you see stories, click on that.

Next you'll see something like 'Manage Stories', or since you probably don't have a story, you may not see that-- I'm not sure.

But, then you'll see 'Add a story!'
Click on that.

Then there you go. You're all set to writing your own story! Have fun!
How do you upload one when you want to upload from the file, and not use the small white box. I've tried uploading from the file, but it never seems to work at all, whatsoever. I'd be happy if you told me how to do it. I have been trying to figuret his out for a while now. I've uploaded a story, but had to use the small white box instead of the file. Please help and thanks.

Not too sure how to upload the story from the file. I've never done that before. I just usually write in the white box. But, I'll try and help, anyway. =D

At the bottom of the white box, you'll see something like 'Story File' and then a rectangular box. Click browse and find the file you want to upload, then click it, then press 'Open' and then it will show up in the rectangular box.

Then, I guess you press publish. (Well, after you fill out all the fields, [Characters, Genres, Chapter Title, etc.])

If it doesn't work, I'm terribly sorry. I haven't ever uploaded a story, I just usually use the white box.

I've never uploaded a story via the file box either but, from taking a look at it, it looks like it works like every other uploader you'll use online (Myspace, Photobucket etc).

It says that it'll only accept text (.txt) or HTML (.html) files. If you can write HTML, great. If not, go to either Notepad or Wordpad and save the file in there as a .txt file (You need to select it from the drop down menu below where you name the file). It'll tell you that you'll lose all formatting (italics, bold etc).

Click the "Upload File" button, select the file you want to use and hit "Open". It should show up in the little rectangle box. Then hit "Publish". Don't know how it works and that's just me guessing.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help and I hope that goes some way to solving your problem. :)