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LGBTQ section?
Anybody here a lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangendered or questioning person? I am bisexual, and I was wondering if anybody on here was remotely like me?
Well, of course! Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm not, but I'm sure that many other people are. ^^
I'm here! Bi and very proud of it!
Yay! Thanks for the support, headlessauthor, and midnight_moonlight, just out of curiousity, are you out yet?
I am to friends but not really to family. My brothers know but my parents don't, what with them being religious. But either way, I don't think they'd particularly care: my brothers and I have done enough crazy things in our lives for my sexuality to of much bother to them. :)
lol. That's cool. My entire family knows and most of my friends do now because I actually only told my close friends, and they didn't care. But then this other girl, you know the one who loves to gossip (there is always one somewhere), saw me with my girlfriend and told everybody about me.
In the end, I actually didn't lose any friends though. I thought I would, but most were really supportive.
I thought I'd lose friends but I "came out" while I was at university. I went to uni in a fairly liberal town so everyone was really supportive of me, introduced me to people and groups. I really felt at home there and I was sad when I finally had to leave (not through choice. I got sick).
Hey! I'm new on here, and I'm gay (well, lesbian but I can't stand that word). My parents are kind of old fashioned, so I doubt I could come out to them, but some of my friends have guessed, because aparently I act very camply sometimes, so I'm kinda worried my parents will guess, but, yeah, Hi!
Hello! I'm bi! waves Most of my friends know (all the ones who matter anyway). My mom knows, but I don't think I'll ever tell my dad because he's old fashioned and I'm "Daddy's Little Girl". My sisters know and don't care. Um, yeah. Just wanted to say all that. Lol.
Yeah, I'm bi too. My mom knows and she totally freaked about it, saying she was "dissapointed", like it was my choice or something to be bi. But, i survived it. Most of my friends know too.