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I tried to put my very first fanfic up a few days ago, and it still hasn't come up anywhere (sniff). I tried ever combination my tiny brain could come up with, and it's not there!! It's probably me doing something stupid, but can anyone help?
AHHRGGHH!! It keeps screwing with me when I try to make faces out of the character keys!

Also, a centering option would be cool
The problem happen with me also and don't understand what to do.
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I've been on here since July so I'm still a little bit new however not exactly shiny! And by the number of topicss I've made since then you can see I really enjoy letting off steam on the pages

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New Chapter
Everytime I post the new chapter for my story is tells me the update was successfull but then as you go to read the chapter.. only the Authors Note is there! Just 92 words and none of the actual chapter. It has been like this for several days and it's really pissing me off. I've tried everything, even writing the whole chapter by hand in the text area. It's upsetting my few readers and it makes me want to throw my laptop out the window. What can I do?? I want this fixed already =(
thanks for the heads up but I use word then copy and past the chapter,but some times I add some thing else and I NEED the help thanks!
Please help me.
I want to delete my account.I've tried emails.Please delete my account
Every time I tried to upload a chap, I get: "You need to actually provide a story." Argh! What a pain!