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More on reviews
It's strange, but I never get an email alert for when authors write replies to my reviews... why is that?Is that just not one of the site features? I'd really like there to be an email alert for that, that way I don't have to keep going back to the story review page to check... ~sighs~ thank you for your time...
Actually, you do get email alerts once you receive a review.

I've also been experiencing the same problem. One day, they were working just fine, then the next, they weren't working at all.

This confuses me.

But, you may have to check under your profile to see if you have the box checked where it says, "Receive emails when someone reviews" or something along those lines.

You have to go to Edit Profile for that.

And, you might have to add admin@ficwad.com to your buddy list. (Depending on what Internet you use.)

But, if you've already done that and is still experiencing the same problem, then I think you have to contact the site administrators if you are experiencing this problem. I'm not too sure.
Oh, what I mean is if you review something, and the auther replies back to what you said, you don't get a notification for that.
*author, I mean. and I was wondering if there was a feature that allowed that or not, because I keep going back and forth and checking up on it when I have the time to be on the site.