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Weeee, forum!
So, I'm DarkMoon, and I write fic for Zelda and FFVIII, and also some original stuff. All I have up so far is Zelda, though, and I'm trying to work on it some more. I'm a REALLY slow writer, and I have these weird hangups about having to start at the beginning of a story, and then work in the proper order through to the end, so there are frequently long delays between chapters. The FFVIII thing I'm working on isn't even going to go public until I've written a lot more on it. ><

Yay, soda! It makes my brain skip around annoyingly! ^^
Yay! Someone I know has posted on the forums. I will now initiate an intelligent discussion with you.

OMFG YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!1!!!111one

So what would Anju be? An alien?
Anju could be a hot intergalactic stripper Warlord....

With leather. >D
I'm liking this story already, and I don't even have a clue who you're talking about! :-P

(Welcome to the forum, by the way.)