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Make a place for a new band?
I just discovered that there is no place for Tokio Hotel fics.
I like Tokio Hotel, and I know that at least one person has posted a fic on here, but has been forced to put it in another catagory. It is currently in the MCR catagory.
I just reckon we need a way to add a new thingymawhozit.
Pleases and thankies.
I'd also like The Academy Is... section. :]

They are a good band and there is bound to be plenty of stories in that section. There's quite a few in different sections, already. :]
There is a way - underneath where you choose a category for your story, it says 'Don't see the category you want? Suggest it.' You just press on the 'suggest it' bit and it takes you to another screen where you enter the details.

Hope this helps
Yeah, but the whole Parent Category issues come up. You can't select 'Celebrities' as the parent category, only specfics under it, so no, it doesn't help.