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Feng Shui [not really.] The Guessing game, because I want to play too.
Too much Fung not enough Shwaye.

Now that the obvious joke is over...

Guess something about next person.

Like the truth or dare game.

The next person is not alone.
True. I'm here with my obnoxious twin sister, Kitanrei. [Obnoxious?] Well, you are. you keep typing everything I say...

The next person's fatal flaw is hubris: Excessive Pride.
In Roleplays? Yes.

In RL, I can't say that that is true at all. I am probabaly one of the first people to get down on myself, especially when I screw up.

The next person has actually hugged a tree.
No, never have, nope, never...looks nervous Who told you?!

The next person has participated in a peace rally/march.

Bonus: If yes, did you yell something on TV?
No, I never have. the place where i live doesn't have any of those.

uh. let's see. The next person has not written down even half of the good Ideas they've had.

[If yes, did most of those come at a time or place where you couldn't write them down? Say, in the shower, or at a restauaunt or fancy dinner party?]
I had an entire idea for a plot in a dream. And then forgot it, so yeah, I guess.

The next person is procrastinating something.

[If yes, what?]
Yes. I'm procrastinating writing this fic I have an idea for.

The next person is listening to music.
(If yes, what song and band?)
Yes! I am listening to Beyonce's naughty girl, though a minute ago it was evenesence's missing.

The next person has called themselves crazy on more than one occasion.

(if you say no, you're lying. you're on this site, after all. XDDD)
YES! WOO! Lol.

Um, the next person has a younger sibling in the room with them.
Yeah, I do. He's playing with my dog on the floor.

The next person has a guilty pleasure. [If so, what is it?]