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You know you're in need of a life when you can sing along to the commercial jingles on TV.
You know you're not alone in the world when to of your friends randomly glomp you in a busy hallway and won't let go.

Sorry to get gooey, but...this actually happened to me today. :)
That's sweet.

You know you're happy when you can cheerfully say hello to someone you hate and walk away smiling when they insult you.
You know you are creatively impaired when you draw a stick figure of a person and someone asks you if it's a donkey.
you know you are demented when the though of caniballism doesn't bother you.
You know you are...
I can't relate to the people who think that 60 & 70 is cold. Wait til you hit menopause - cold is welcomed, summer is a misery! you know you're way too big a Harry Potter fan, when you start searching for a fanfic that involves someone doinking their house-elf. That's me!
You know you're nuts when you start thinking the likes of "Discreet tampon holders are discreet until they're advertised on every channel."
you know you are addicted to the internet when you say 'LOL' out loud.
You know you're ashamed of yourself when you have an alias for your alias.
You know you have too much time when your worst problem is deciding whether or not to discontinue your stories.