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OCC & Xovers
Hey, I'm new to this sight and love OCC stories, mainly on Harry Potter and Naruto, because quite honestly, they're both idiots in the original works.

Do you think your story should loose points for OOC when it is experance that makes a person, and if your characters are different to the authors, can that really be OOC?

I'm also a lover of cross overs.

What are your opinions on OCC and Cross Overs...

And if you've read some good ones, please let post the link so I can have a read.

Well considering I wrote a crossover for the Turks from FFVII into Silent Hill and it seemed fairly popular on any other site I think if they are well written it's never a bad thing ^^

I've written, (oddly enough,) a crossover from the manga version of Princess Tutu, and DC comics, and I have it posted here, and at another site. I have already had one person finish it, and they said they really loved it. So, if this answers your question about crossovers, go ahead and give it a read. However, if you are planning a crossover of some kind, it has to make sense, and what you are crossing over has to have the same feel to it, (adventure with adventure, farce with farce, melodrama with melodrama, etc.,) or it will not work. Mine seemed to, because the jump from manga to comic is not that far, and the adventure form the manga was not so much of a jump that things could not mix.
Hey...anyone out there?
So...Gunblade? Have you read it yet? Wadaya think?