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I'm looking for a Frerard where the author frequently updates.
I've read ones where the author had a new chapter everyday then stopped. It was like 'OH MY FUCKING GOD I WANT ANOTHER CHAPTER!'.

Is it me or have authors on here been slacking off, no offence or anything but I need to read Frerards or I'm gonna die!

Well thanks in advance if you reply :D

Aggie :3
SORRY! I'm looking for several Frerards :3

Haha. I'm one of those people who..."slack off" as you say. I think it's because after a while, the story gets repetitive and not as exciting as when you start off and then you're just like..."ehh...". And I haven't seen a lotta good frerards around here lately. The MCR section is now being attacked by teenage girls who write themselves dating members of the band, and most of em suck. I can't stand it!

So I suggest you read one shots. I mean, that way you don't have to wait for a chapter to be updated and you know the ending. I've written a Frerard, it's called "Sleep" and my chaptered one that I haven't updated in forever is called "The Rise/Fall Of Gerard Way".

asherschick wrote a kickass Frerard called "Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me To Sleep"

Um...Disenchanted has a bunch of Frerard one-shots, and I think they're cute. She also wrote a story, which was pretty cool, but I dunno if she finished it or not.

GerardWayIsSex has like, a million amazing Frerards and they're probably my favorites. The best one, if you ask me, is "Coffee".

And if you don't like oneshots, I guess I just wasted my time...but oh well.
Ha, IeroMyHero, I write suckish ones about ppl dating the guys!

Ha, But um if you want good frerards just go through the first page on the MCR list, and look for one that updates everyday.

I dont have a frerard. But I have one wit Gee and some other kid...But it probably sucks to other ppl..



Hahaha. I know exactly what you mean. I'm dying for some Frerard, too. I'd check out the authors ipanicdaily, xXHeavenHelpUsXx or, as IeroMyHero said, GerardWayIsSex. I know padfoot_001 has some amazing ones, but she sometimes takes a long time to update. She just finished a rather long one, though, and is now at work on the sequel. Those two may just be the funniest stories on this site.

There's a new one called "Frerard Go Camping" that I just adore.

I am writing a chaptered Frerard right now, and I've written about a zillion Frerard oneshots. Check me out. =]

Hope you find what you're looking for!
There's a oneshot, quite recent called Strip! http://www.ficwad.com/story/123442
@IeroMyHero how true XD

hey, how can you find authors on this page? i'd like padfoot_001 profile, can someone link me to it?
always on the lookout for more frerard! XD its so fun to write and even funner to read :D

anyone like sad oneshots?
I have a few, and I try to update regularly, buuuuuut, ya know, it's hard. I have one that's finished -Welcome To The Black Parade, Girly - and I'm working on the sequel.
go to 'theblackparade.net' and read lights, camera, action by prufrock. Its the most amazing frerard fic I've ever read (but only read this if you dont mind sex in stories. Seeing as frank and gerard work in a porn studio in this fic, if you dislike stuff like that things'll get awkward...)

theres also a wide section of frerard on that site, so if u ever sun out of fics on this one...