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Any Good Stories Out There?
If you know any good stories or you just want me to review your story, just respond to this thread. I'm good with any fandom. And I'll review however you want (Nicely, Con-Crit, harsh, whatever however)

I have mine in now.
If you are a fan of Princess Tutu, I have written a continuation with the manga version. It is a manga/American comic book crossover. However, it is a bit of a read, (170,000 words, approx.) I would like a review of it, though it is novel length. You may have to look under my name, as it does not appear on the read list, (that is, I am going to check if it has, if not, you may have to look under my name.) Well, there you are.)
okay, I've just looked at your post. It's pretty long so it may take me a while to review it. Sorry it took me so long to chec back here! I forgot about this post.

Well, it is novel length. I did not know how to post it in chapters, as I had written in before, (with chapters marked,) so I do apologize for that. Anyway, one thing to do would be to copy the whole thing, then paste it onto Word, and set a blue background with white letters, (a lot less stress on the eyes.) Thank you for taking the time to read it!
No problem! I'm almost finished with it. I'll try to leave a good review.
i suggest reading vampires will never hurt you ( i promise) by frankxgerard. it is a trilogy and is quite amusing.
Hey palidin313...you are totally awesome. I've never gotten to read the manga of princess tutu but I've seen the series. Hell. I didn't know there was a manga, though I should have guessed. I'm totally going to read ur story. Oh, and izziebella, there is and author on here named Ladygizarme. She's a fantastic author and her best story in my opinion is "Disappearing act". It's a gravitation fanfic. Also, if you feel up to it, I have a grvific too, along with some other stories you might like. Look for "Temptation" by Cereal_junkie if you want to find it. Obviously it's in the Gravitation section. Oh, and I'd also like to know about any other good stories. I can't seem to find any lately in the categories I usually look under. No offnece to anyone btw, I just need to widen my search.
I've stumbled across Chibi Vampire, (Kairn) and have completely fallen in love with it. As soon as I am done with the current story, I am going to do one for her. I thought it was an awesome story, and it was so open ended that a bunch can be done with it. Boy, the amazing things that can inspire. My favorite characters are Karin, (of course,) and Anju. To me, the series seems to me kind of like Ranma 1/2 meets the Aadam's Family!
i just recently posted a story (thanks to paladin and his/her infinit words of wisdom) called "another me" in the my chemical romance category. but you must have a strong stomach and a visual mind to read it...it's kinda gory.
I've been slowly but steadily adding chapters to my new story. I hope you all like it.