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You guys shoudl add yaoi as it's own category...
It just seems like a good idea to me. That's just me, but who else agrees with me?
They used to have a "slash" category but when they "fixed" the site two years ago it was removed along with other features, such as working alerts. I agree, it should be put back with an option to EXCLUDE it. Marking stories that have characters that are not in yaoi/slash relationships in their respective sources as such should also be mandatory.
Right. I hadn't known about that. I guess either I didn't pay too much attention or I didn't join in time.
Err... isn't slash/yaoi generally written within a given fandom?

Or do you mean it should be an option under "genre"? That would make a fair bit of sense, actually.
Yeah. That's what I mean. It would be kinda nice.
aren't slash fics classified as fanfiction?
I love yaoi. Great idea mate!
Love yaoi/slash/lemon too and would love to see an option for searching in a spesific genre or exclude it.