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i'm sooooooo confused!! i have no idea how to post stories and stuff. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have written something outside of this site, say, on Word, WordPerfect, or something like that, what you need to do is take the file, and click "save as..." and then you will have the option to rename the file, and under that, you have the kind of file you want. Click on this, and see if "html" or "web page" comes up. Either one is what you want. Once you have saved it in this way, try to post it again. Click on "browse," and find the file that you have saved as an HTML or "web page." It is advisable for you to put a special name for this file, so that you do not confuse it for the original. This is the one you click on. Once you do, it should automatically be in the slot here on this site. Then just post it. I hope this helps.
P.S. If you are a Princess Tutu fan, give my story a read. It may seem like a very long one shot, but there are chapters to it. Just copy and paste it to your word processing program, and read at your leisure. (That was a shameless plug!)
what i meant is that i have a story already written not on the computer but on paper and i don't know how to put it on this site.
Oh! Well either you can scan it, and then see if you can convert it to web page format, or, you are just going to have to type it out on computer, save it as a web page, and then post it. There's not much else you can do.
i am some what computer impaired/retarded.... i have never really used a computer before. this website is one of few sites i go on. if all my stupidness towards computers are annoying you please tell me.