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okay...what the hell man?!?
I tried to update my profile not once, but twice! The first time I typed something in and I didn't even look back at it until today to change it up a bit. The fucker stayed the same from the last time I updated! The thing that gets me is, the text that I typed in the bio box was still there. It just didn't replace the text it was supposed to replace. That is some bull shit. And yes, I waited quite a few minutes before going back to my profile because I have had similar problems before. Gahhhhhhh!
You too, huh? It's gotten to the point that I can't even update my stories without the chapter/word counts becoming permanently distorted.

Tradewinds is officially on hold here until Ficwad gets its act together. For anyone who wishes to continue reading, I also go by "neko-sennin" and post the series at:

Okay, it's been some months since this place fell apart. I'm going to try an experiment, but if I can't finish posting Tradewinds 9 without the chapter order getting messed, up, it goes on hold for another 6 months. After all, I'm already well into PART 12 everywhere else in cyberspace...
Same exact thing is happening to me! It's pissing me off.
Ficwad fell apart during the summer of 2007.