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You need to start paying attention to story line suggestions.
Look, I am getting sick and tired of being ignored. I have another story a cannot submit because you don't have a thread. I am going to suggest the thread and characters again, and I expect results this time! I am now seriously thinking about pulling my stories off this site, and letting people know just how people are treated here. Deal with this.
P.S. If you delete me in revenge, know this: you then have shown me you know nothing about customer service, nor anything about keeping your customers happy. The authors here are your customers. If you p@#! them off, they will leave, not come back, and tell everyone not to come to you. When a complaint comes, it had better be, "Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir."
You delete me, and I shall do all that I can to besmirch Ficwad all over the web, and to everyone I know that deals with fan fiction et al. In a business, one lost customer can cost that business at least $25.000 or more. Now, you don't lose money, but you will lose users, and the reason why you even have this site to begin with. Welcome to the world of capitalism: if people cannot get service here, there is always someone else that would be willing to take what you lose, and then you won't be around much longer. This is solid advice--I suggest highly you take it!
Hahahahaha you have got to be fucking kidding me.