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cant read story
what the hell.i click to read the story but theres no content.whats going on??
Which story?
A few stories I think because it is happening to me too. I've tried loading 3 stories and only 1 of the 3 loaded. What is going on? firs the alerts and now this?
Ficwad needs to sort this out.
Impossible to read anything here, I know
When I reead a story, and use the page next or previous, I get many times the same page. Very irritating.

I use the Fanfiction Downloader to capture the full story and read it offline. The only decent way to read anything
Yeah when i read some stories they just have the chapter links.
Some examples:
Horus Goes Home
THe Chimera: More loin than Snake
Can't get story to show up on website
Just downloaded my first story----it's showing up under my account, but no where else? Am I doing something wrong?
Ficwad wil NEVER get out of beta
Check your settings, and make sure you have everything set the right way. After that...the people who created this site kinda gave up, so there is nothing you can really do.