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Can't post stories
I go through the entire process of posting a story here, and when I submit it, nothing shows up. All I see is the summary. Even the additional chapters I post only have the summary on them. What gives?
Arg I know!
I have the exact same problem. The whole story posting process just makes no sense to me. I'm slightly confused.

I never got an account activation notice, so for a moment I thought that that was the reason... That I didn't

really exist yet. I know this reply doesn't answer any questions, but I just needed to express my slight frustration. :)
Yeah wtf
I fill everything out (and ive done it more than 5 times) and it doesnt accept my story. it just reloads the page completely blank not citing any reason as to why. I cant even get the first chapter on the site
When that happens, I delete the chapter, re-post the chapter, and then copy the chapter from the original source, and then paste where you would type the text. Just go to the original copy, set the cursor anywhere, hit Ctrl A, and then copy. Then go back to FicWad, (assumedly on a different window,) and paste it where you would type your text. That always does the trick for me when this happens.