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New password and new username WTH?!
Kay honestly, I just need to rant.

Obviously the emails aren't getting set out and I requested to change my username..i don't know...hmm. a thousand times? I don't want to sound greedy, it's just that I noticed i'm not the only one who hasn't been sent an email for new passwords..hopefully this can be fixed. If someone eventually gets an email back....can you tell me? :]

Also lately it's been difficult posting stories. I keep getting that Database connection failed shit...it's kind of annoying.

PLEASE fix this soon? if there's anyone still running the site.
hey, just posted a message about the same problem, before i found your here... sorry for not looking through properly, but maybe more are better than one ;-/
I agree I'm having similar problems with logging in
I haven't gotten my conformation (or whatever it is) yet!!!