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Creating a good search engine for Stories
I'm sorry if you guys have a topic already that deals with the fact that you can't find the type of stories like action/adventure. I'm really tired of having to search for a story for 2 hours that I found after remembering what rating it was. I think that you should have a search engine like FanFiction because it is very easy to find a story that you want if you know what type of story it was. I probably sound like annoying for saying something that probably everyone has talked about.

P.S. I love this site because it has very few ads and I like that because it messes with me when I run into one IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORY! Have a good day.

Just like to say that I totally agree :)
I agree, it is very annoying having to go though so many pages of stories when simply creating a good serch engine would solve the problem!
A story search engine would be amazing. One like FanFiction.Net would be absolutely perfect!!
If that's too hard even a way of filtering away the endless amount of slash fics!!! I can't deal with it! Why can't I find a nice straight fic! I don't want to read a crap story about my favorite male characters being totally gay, and I don't want to trawl through the entire list of stories with 99.5% of them being slashy!!!! RAAAH!!

Please have a solution set up real soon! PLEASE!
I agree, this is totally annoying!!! -_-
i agree that this site need s batter search engine for stories such as search by genre, characters, and number of words at least. every time i try to use the current search menu i get some sort of error don't know if that is just my comp or the site.
the one on Fanfiction.net is great only problem with that site is a lot of slash and when i say a lot i mean a lot the searh engine for here needes to be run by th este nt google (which dosen't even work )
AGREE, extremely annoying! T.T
i Agree
This would be a monumental improvement when i use the search engine i just get a error.

Please fix the search engine here
i agree
I agree.
Please fix the search engine here or get one like Fanfiction.net