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Looking for any good Harry Potter x-over fics...
Any crossover fics for Harry potter, prefer slash. Also, i am looking specifically for ones with Supernatural or Stargate SG-1/Atlantis crossover. I am new to ficwad and have been having trouble finding the type of stories i would like to read. The categories/search engine is not very helpful in sorting stories by type/genre/pairing/etc.

Thanks so much!!!
I know the author's clell65619 and bluminous on this site, as well as fanfiction.net, have a few really good crossovers. For Bluminous your better off on ff.net though. I don't think they have any slash though, just to warn you.
A really really! good story for slash though it the Black Heir on fanfiction.net. And when I say that I truly mean it, cuz I don't usually read slash at all. Between that one and its sequel there's over a million words, supposedly smut to die for that isn't the base of the story(once again, I just skip over those parts) and a plot that I couldn't help but LOVE. But, not a crossover.
whilst it isn't a ficwad link this link will give you quite a few hp stargate xovers and even a few multi
xovers too (my favourite at the moment is beggining a new path even though the lemony goodness is a bit repetetive)