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how did you find out, who owns this site?
(+ who is it then?)
The expiry date quoted is the domain registration (essentially, the rights to use the name ficwad.com). It's not necessarily linked to the hosting (the rental of a server to host the actual site), but in most cases they do coincide with each other - especially when the host (Dreamhost in this case) handles the domain registration.

The owners are K & D Lynch, obviously ;p

Kemayo is now a developer for DeviantArt. He has, in a couple places I've seen, mentioned that he gave up on developing (or managing, for that matter) Ficwad because he was sick of people hassling him about bugs, or something thereabouts.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've avoided posting about his sites/email/whatever here because he'd surely end up getting even more annoying email from FW members...
Well does anyone know coding? I don't, but perhaps some people can help him out. This site has the most comprehensive sorting system I've ever seen.
I'm not surprised he gave up. There are very few reports of bugs on the forum that aren't angry little rants. Considering this place is free and they have no advertising to make money there is no incentive to keep going.

Perhaps if people had asked for things politely instead of stamping their feet and demanding things the developer and owners would still be around?
The Internet is so impersonal that it's easy to forget to behave the way you would if you were face to face with people (a lot like road rage). Of course, people still react the same and as a result what we have is an abandoned site.

I hope it doesn't close but if it does, I hope people don't go to another and act the same way - FicWad 2 - Death of Another Great Site.
areyounormal -- a site like this is indeed too big for one person, and I can understand why he'd throw in the towel.

I think AO3 was very wise to spend two years developing and get an established system for volunteer staff turnovers before they went to public beta. It's a big job; there's no way around that.

But unfortunately the demand for a site like this is such that hopes get raised, then dashed.

I understand the reasons why the bugs are there. I understand why sites get abandoned. But the fact is, my one award-winning fic gets zero readers/reviews here, partly because of the formatting problems and Ficwad eating a chapter.

So I kinda gave up. I had such hopes for Ficwad. It had some good stuff going for it. Perks like search and not having every character listed can be ignored. But when the bugs start impacting ability to post and read, it's too unworkable.

At the same time, yeah, kids acting like jerks and berating the programmer ain't helpful. One can report bugs and put 'em in an inbox without being unpleasant.