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Ficwad Greasemonkey
Hey all,
I'm currently working on a greasemonkey script for ficwad.com and am currently in the debugging stage. Currently I have the following features:

- Autoload next page (story)
- Infinite scrolling in category page
- Relative dates (so "completed 1 week ago" rather then some date)
- Color coding (green for recently updated, red for very old, etc.)
- Completed has its own unique color
- Removed the category link from the category page (really why is it there!?)
- Combined word count and chapter count in a single "size" column.
- Word highlighting in the description.
- PLANNED: the ability to disable any of the above features.

And some screenshots:

Now why am I posting this? Mostly because I am curious if there are any request that you might like to have?

(for those who do not know what Greasemonkey is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greasemonkey)
Hmm... interesting except I only use firefox when I'm at college, though.
Released it at: