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Activation Email...???
I signed up here about a half hour, to an hour ago, and I still haven't gotten my activation email...wtff? I even doublechecked my profile to see if I maybe misspelled my email address, but I didn't...What's going on? I'm assuming that I can't upload any stories until I receive that email...
If I were you, I'd find another site. This one is pretty much left to rot by the creators.
Yeah...I can't even get a temp password for my other account and I already requested one, so it reset it and even if I remember the old one, I can't use it. They won't send a temp password to me in an e-mail like they're supposed to...I think maybe the person who made this site is dead or something and didn't leave any trace of the admin accounts password, so no one can get on...I dunno...just guessing...
As far as I can tell, the e-mail server hasn't worked in over a year, going on two in February. It hasn't worked right in over 3 years.