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Ficwad closing????
I've heard the site it going to down soon. Is it true? I was wondering since the admin hasn't updated anything for a really long time...

Does anyone have anymore info on this?

In my thread a couple down from you, someone posted info about the site expiring in march.

It's sad...but it's been dying slowly anyway.
Really the only argument they have is the fact the domain will expire. Conveniently forgetting almost every domain owner puts it on auto-renew.
...I don't >_>
But, seeing as there's no update time mentioned in the whois record, it's difficult to make an educated guess.

The "hosted by Dreamhost" thing would suggest auto-renew, but the 5-year registration period and lack of update time (only creation and expiry) would possibly suggest the opposite.

Regardless, Ficwad itself won't necessarily be lost, as you allude to, just the domain if it does expire.
I hope it doesn't happen :(
I don't want to goto another site; I hate mibba and fanfiction.net...
I do to. I really love this site even with all of it's bugs and the fact that I can't get on my other screen name anymore...
The only argument we have? Hmm...let me put a few more forward...

1. This site is updated once a year at best.

2. There isn't a usable search engine anymore. There hasn't been for awhile.

3. Skim the forums. Count just how many things aren't working, or how many people can't log into their accounts, or how many people have emailed the webmaster countless times to no avail.

I love this site too. Even though I don't post all that much, I've been on it for years. But do you really think that he pays attention to it anymore? It won't matter after awhile if the site is live or not. Eventually, everything will break down. The site shutting down is not the only complaint. Maybe next time you should, oh, maybe read the forum posts?
I'm well aware of those posts, but speaking from personal experience, it's a lot easier to just pay the bill for a site at the end of the year (especially when its ad supported), then it is to build a new feature (or even the most minor bug).

Having said all that, I only meant to say its not a 100% sure the domain will expire, as its entirely possible its on auto-renew.
Regardless, assuming we don't hear anything before then I'll be downloading a mirror of the site (or at least the parts I use) to make sure it's not lost if the site does go down.