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Right, here's the promised mirror available to download. I took the liberty of cleaning it up some.

http://www.w00ty.com/media/ficwad.com.exe (294MB)

The file is a self-extracting 7zip archive. 7zip was chosen (as opposed to RAR or a similar format) because it can compress similar files very efficiently. A download in RAR format would would be over 1GB big.

When the window appears, you should enter a new folder name, as it will extract files and folders to the directory you are currently in. Double click index.html in the root directory to start browsing the mirror.

If you are not on Windows or it doesn't run properly, rename the file to have the extension "7z" and it will work with any archive manager that supports 7zip (WinRAR for example). If you run Linux, you probably already have the 7z application.

You require about 100MB of RAM in order to extract the archive. The whole thing will take up about 3.3GB of space on drive.

As it is a "solid" archive (where all the files are archived as though they were one big file), you have to extract the whole thing even if you only want one file.
Wow, good job on the mirroring, people.

It's a pity. When Ficwad first opened, I thought it was the answer, and got a lot of Final Fantasy people to post their stories here. Ironically, now, that may be lost.

Mea culpa.

At the risk of striking out again, I want to note a stable, well-supported, fan-created and fan-run archive that's a viable alternative.

It doesn't have quite the traffic of ff.net, but it's got a very robust long-term team dedicated to keeping it going. It was started in reaction to the Fanlib FAIL (Google it) and as an alternative to ff.net.

Archive of Our Own, aka AO3.


Internet Archive mirrors through 5/08
I checked the Internet Archive, and it appears to have archived/saved everything on Ficwad through about May of '08.


Which is missing 2 years, but, well. That's something.

it includes reviews and ratings.
What's a mirror of a site?!
Are people from ficwad going to set up another site or even a livejournal or something???!!!

P.S If anybody ever reads this - this site was totally freaking awesome and I'm going to miss it!!!
This site is still up and running! Don't think it will close anytime soon.