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Okay, so as everyone knows I recently made a new one-shot called, Everytime The Packers Lose A Game, A Punching Bag Dies. Well, I posted it on www.fanworks.org, and this is what I got from Ms. Sassy:

It's just not right that this doesn't have reviews yet!! I reckon it's that people are too busy trying to stop their glasses or screens steaming up!!

You know I love this one! :D But... erm... how about one more in the Andy/Pete series? Please?

Sas x

So, I decided that I WILL write another installation to the Andy/Pete pet series! ^_^ But! For the life of me I honestly can not, CAN NOT, think of what to make it about, besides the obvious. So I decided to ask for your help, and I haven't done this in a while, so I figure, why not now?

Anyone who has any ideas for this one-shot, just post them as reviews to this posting, and please only one per person. If I pick your idea I'll give you a one-shot of your liking =) And I might be mixing ideas up between people so more than one person can end up with a one-shot =) I'll stop taking ideas when it's time for my next chapter of The Setting Sun to be posted, which is January 11th. =)

Love you all!