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Frerard. yes. any?
I'm looking for people to hopefully "spill" about any great Frerards they know of. Anywhere in zee Interwebs.

One-shots mostly...
I'd love it if people could recommend (and/or give links to) good Frerards. Very good ^_^
Chapter-by-chapter stories are not quite what I'm looking for, but, if they're unrestrainably incredible I'll be happy to read them!

I'm a bit of a grammar nazi but I make crazy-ass allowances for people for whom English ain't their 1st language.

Eternal love and gratitude to anyone who finds something lovely and particularly special x
anywhere? on LJ there are a few very good fanfics writers, like bexless, saint_sorrows, maryangel200, etc...
I rec. one called
'chimerical romantics'

i rarely go for 'historical' ones but its a 3 part awesome fic! :D frank and gerard action but not all too smutty and a lil out the ordingary xo
I have a few, but they're chapter by chapter. I think the only reason you would like them is because I'm kinda a grammar Nazi, too.
well, on LJ there's this author called littlblackghost who's amazing. She has this oneshot called The Summer House which is my absolute favourite. She also has tons of other stories. I would definitely go check her out.
As for this site, GerardWayIsSex has some really cute/funny one-shots.
I've written a couple too (Shameless self-promotion, whoo!)

Hope this helped! :)