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Shameless Plug: Mirror Your Fic on Archive Of Our Own, an archive by and for fanfic writers!
Okay, I'm decloaking.

Most of you won't recall me. My bad.

I hit Ficwad in 2006 and was very excited. Here was a good archive that let you post adult AND genfic, lyrics, scripts, whatever.

It appeared to be by and for fans. It seemed perfect!

Except, as we know, Ficwad is buggy and neglected.

Well. After Fanlib.com attempted to exploit fanfiction writers and got into all kinds of hot water -- Google "Fanlib FAIL" for the scoop -- an older group of fans, many of them college professors or lawyers, decided there should be a fanfiction archive BY fans, FOR fans, who know best what fanfiction is about. It's nonprofit, so no annoying ads. (Supported by Paypal donations.)


It's still in beta, but it's already MUCH less buggy than Ficwad. The only thing you'll miss is the lack of a rating system. You'll just have to decide for yourself what's worth reading.

Stats as of today:
* fandoms: 5364 to date
* works: 58029 to date
* people: 5520 to date

It's a cinch to add a new fandom or a character that's not in the database, because they use a tagging system. If you use a tag that the system already recognizes as a character, it suggests an auto-fill so that your tag matches that of stories already posted on that fandom/character. If you tag with a character or fandom not recognized, that's fine -- use the same tags consistently, and sooner or later fandom volunteers may add your tags to the canonical list, but they work regardless.

They're still improving the search engine, but everything else is tickety-boo.

Again, that's:


Also, AO3 is not getting enough reviews. Sound familiar? So please, please, mirror your fic on AO3, explore some of the other stories in your fandom, and leave a few comments! Let's make this what we want!

I loved Ficwad but it let me down. This one... I think this is what we were hoping for.
whoops: www.archiveofourown.org

The URL for AO3 is, in fact,


Luckily they were smart and registered the incorrect URL I gave above as well, so it works. ;)