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Plots Of Series Smallville
Episode: Hothead (2001)
The coach of the Smallville High School's football team "The Crows", the bossy and arrogant Walt Arnold (Dan Lauria) is close to his victory number 200 along twenty-five years of a successful career. He is exposed to burning kryptonite ore in the sauna, and achieves the power of burning whatever he wants. Principal James Kwan (Hiro Kanagawa) finds that seven athletes cheated in a mathematics test, and decides to punish the group by not permitting them to participate in the final game. [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/CSI-Miami-Seasons-1-7-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1650.html]CSI Miami Complete dvd[/url] Coach Walt retaliates by burning his car, and Mr. Kwan goes to the hospital. Meanwhile, Clark Kent is invited by Coach Arnold and decides to join the football team, against the will of his father Jonathan. [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/House-MD-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1701.html]House MD season[/url] When Arnold loses control of his power, Clark has to fight with him to save Jonathan and his friend Chloe Sullivan, the student reporter covering the team. Lana's relationship with Whitney continues to grow strained over [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Gilmore-Girls-Seasons-1-7-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1254.html]Gilmore Girls seasons dvd[/url] his football practice taking up their time, leading her to quit cheer leading. Also, the amoral Lionel Luthor arrives in Smallville and pressures Lex to cut his workforce at the LutherCorp plant to save money.
Episode: Heat (2002)
When the "hot" new Biology teacher Desiree Atkins (Krista Allen) arrives in [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Smallville-Seasons-1-8-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1533.html]smallville seasons dvd[/url], Clark Kent gets excited in her presence and his hormonal surge sets off a new ability: heat vision. Lex Luthor meets and falls for Atkins and they decide to get married. Meanwhile, [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-8-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1684.html]Scrubs seasons dvd[/url]Clark's heat vision causes another fire at the Talon when Clark is talking with Lana, leading Clark to get briefly jailed on suspicious of arson. Lex invites Clark to be his best man, [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Smallville-Seasons-1-8-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1533.html]smallville dvd collection[/url]but when Desiree tries to seduce Clark, he realizes that she is a meteor freak with the power to seduce men.
Episode: Hidden (2005)
Gabriel Duncan is a deranged teenager who breaks in the control room of a nuclear silo in Smallville, [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Boston-Legal-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1502.html]Boston leagal seasons dvd[/url]kills the two security guards, and starts the launch sequence to send one missile to destroy Smallville in one hour. He calls his friend Chloe, who is moving to the university, and asks her to leave the town that he wants to [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Supernatural-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1614.html]Supernatural DVD[/url] destroy because of the population of "meteor freaks." The army does not know which of the sixteen silos might have been broken in by Gabriel. Meanwhile, [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Seinfeld-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1688.html]Seinfeld seasons dvd box set[/url]Clark and Lana sleep together in his room and early in the morning, Lana sneaks out of the house, but Jonathan and Martha see them. When Chloe calls Clark, [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/The-Sopranos-Seasons-1-6-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1599.html]The Sopranos dvd box set[/url] he plots a simulation of a car accident with Chloe to force Gabriel to disclose his position. When Gabriel meets Chloe, Clark is deadly shot by the insane teenager, dying in the hospital. Suddenly, [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Cold-Case-Seasons-1-6-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1602.html]Cold Case seasons dvd[/url]Lionel Luthor awakes from his catatonic situation in Belle Reve and Clark's body vanishes from the hospital [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Star-Trek-Enterprise-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1251.html]Star trek Enterprise seasons dvd box set[/url] which leads to both meeting at the Kryptonian Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole which leads to a surprising discovery for Clark. [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Desperate-Housewives-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1615.html]Desperate Housewives DVD[/url]Elsewhere, the evil Lex continues to obsessively study the black spaceship at the LutherCorp warehouse and discovers that something else has climbed out of the ship.
Former tech-guy for the Torch, Gabriel Duncan, takes control of one of fifteen nuclear missile silos near Smallville. With the co-ordinates for[url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Star-Trek-Enterprise-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1251.html]Star trek Enterprise seasons dvd box set[/url]Smallville locked in he starts the launch sequence with the intention of forever purging the town of the population of "meteor freaks." [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Two-and-A-Half-Men-Seasons-1-6-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1710.html]Two and A Half Men complete box set[/url]Without his powers, Clark is put in an especially vulnerable position as he and Chloe frantically try to track Gabriel down before it's too late. Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor, still in a catatonic state, has scrawled symbols from the Kryptonian spaceship all over the walls of his padded cell and he later escapes where the secret to his catatonic state is revealed. [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Doctor-Who-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1380.html]DR who dvd[/url] Also, Lex continues to obsessively try to study the black spaceship he keeps at the LutherCorp warehouse.
Episode: Hug (2002)
Bob Rickman is a evil tycoon who intends to build a very pollutant plant in Smallville, and he needs to buy Jonathan Kent's farm. [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Cold-Case-Seasons-1-6-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1602.html]Cold Case seasons dvd[/url] Rickman is famous because of his capacity of convincing people, but indeed he has a powerful gift of changing people's mind with his shake of hands, and he uses his new kryptonite power of persuasion against Jonathan. Meanwhile, the eremite Kyle Tippet, who was the former business partner of Rickman, [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Star-Trek-Enterprise-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1251.html]Star trek Enterprise seasons dvd box set[/url]helps Clark and Lex against the powerful and greedy industrialist. But Clark's quick kinship with Kyle causes a riff between him, Lana and Whitney who both despite the mysterous hermit.
Episode: Gone (2004)
The mystery surrounding Chloe's death deepens as Clark and Lois investigate, discovering that Lex Luthor and Lois' abrasive and militarist father, [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/EREmergency-Room-Seasons-1-15-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1740.html]ER dvd[/url]U.S. Army General Sam Lane, are somehow involved. Meanwhile, Lana returns to Smallville after finding out that the symbol that appeared on her back in Paris is also on the cave wall. In prison, Lionel Luthor prepares for his murder trial and sends out a liquid-metal assassin to keep[url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-8-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1684.html]Scrubs seasons dvd[/url]Clark and Lois from investigating Chloe's 'death'.
While investigating the disappearance of Chloe at the crime scene, Clark and Lois are attacked by men in a helicopter belonging to Lois' stern and militarist father, General Sam Lane, who warns them to stay off this case. Lois decides to dig Chloe's grave [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Shrek-1-3-Complete-DVD-Box-Set-DVD-9-DVDS-1728.html]shrek seasons dvd boxset[/url]and finds that there in no corpse in the coffin, and she is attacked by a man with a weird power, a liquid-metal man. Meanwhile, Lana returns to [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Smallville-Seasons-1-8-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1533.html]smallville series dvd[/url] trying to find an explanation for the symbol in her back and saves Lois from the 'T2-type' assassin. In prison, Lionel threatens Lex, but he is stabbed by another criminal. Clark and Lois find that General Sam Lane (Michael Ironside) is working with Lex Luthor and together they are protecting Chloe.