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looking for some recomendations
"I Loved this story some of my favorite stories are the one's where luna's oddities are logical for one reason or another (such as all those creatures are real and she just has enhanced vision to see them like people who've seen death have enhanced vision to see the ... i forget what they are called but the ghost horses that pull the hogwarts carriages i also love a good do over story .. unless the one getting the do over is forced to forget s/he is getting a do over though i do also like it when instead of going to the past them selves they can send them selves a note or book or something to change their past actions

i'd love to see some links for such stories though i also love ground hog day type stories best one i've seen so far is a naruto based one called chinin exam day "

The above is a review i left for a story and below is from the authors note at the end of said story

"About halfway through the story I got the feeling that I was falling deeper and deeper into clicheland, not that that's bad, some cliches are good. For example, I love a well done do-over story - see the works of DrT and Clell and S'Tarkan and Kinsfire for some wonderful examples. But I wanted to do something different."

i am having trouble finding the works of said authors ficwads search system is giving me fits
reply to chi90504
Those horses are called Thestrals, and only people who've seen death can see them. Hope that helped:D