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Bob leaving MCR...wtf?
Well since someone suggested I put my rant here...here it goes.

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Okay, so I know we're all tired of hearing about Bob leaving the band, cause I am to, but honestly, for those of you who are saying it's not a big deal and shrugging it off is really starting to piss me off. Everyone says 'did anyone freak out when Matt left? No.' Right, no one did freak out because Matt never put effort into the drumming, where Bob had PUT HIS HEART AND SOUL into the band. It does not matter if Bob only did one album, it's the fact that we've all come to love this wonderful drummer who hated cameras, liked to TP New York, and thought England was cold. We all know Bob and we all love Bob. Now, can you imagine why some of us are concerned as to why this amazing drummer has left the band? Maybe it was his wrists, maybe it was arguement, who the hell knows. But for MCR to just say 'oh, Bryar and My Chemical Romance have parted ways, we wish him the best' just randomly, of course it's going to make you go WTF? Well why did he leave? It plagues us to know in the new album, Bob will simply not be in it. That's very heartbreaking for some, especially me, because I love Bob and Ray. They might have not gotten as much attention as they deserve, but they are still what makes up the band. Do you recall on LOTMS, where Frank says 'If there's a God, I thank him everyday for bringing us Bob.'

And I know for a FACT, most of you would be freaking out if Frank or Gerard left. So why does Bob get the short end of the stick? If it was his choice to leave, then it was his choice to leave, we can't argue with that. It's the way they went about it to just erase anything about Bob, it's pretty crappy, you can't blame us die hard fans for wanting to know the truth on why the pretty much all around amazing drummer named Bob Bryar is no longer with us. For those of you who cried over Gerard's throat problem, there are some who cried for Bob's departure. We love all these guys indidvidually and all of them together, of course we don't want to see any of them go. So yeah, to me it is a big deal.

Now I understand MCR doesn't owe us anything, cause yes they have done so much, but they all helped save us TOGETHER. Of course we want to know what's going on. We've been die hard fans since the beginning, one little explanation would be nice. I think we deserve that, considering we've supported MCR through many times. We all love them (:
i heard...

im not exactly sure where I read this but I heard there was an argument. Bob seemed to recover fully after his op and has played drums for one or two tracks of thier new record. Maybe they can't explain things fully for legal reasons...?

I really miss him! Bob was awesome because he was himself! He didn't need to hog cameras to hog my heard ( XD )

This reminds me, did he play at the Roxy shows last October or was he still recovering?? :o
I miss Bob too and I'm afraid their new drummer will be an ass.
I read
I read a really good fanfiction about Bob's replacement, but it had a lot of sex in it and stuff.