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Searching for hp fanfic
I'm looking for one hp fanfic.

It's a Harry/Hermine story, with muggel technologie, bombs and weasley bashing. Hermines Mum or Father has a gun and shoot Mrs Weasley or a other Weasley with it.

Lucius Malfoy lose a arm in this story too i think, because Harry and co imprisoned him after he robbes muggel banks for money for old voldy. And Harry steals the money from other deatheaters. And the goblins from gringotts have a secret building with rented appartments. The Potters and Malfoys own one each in this building.

Should i mixed up two storys, then i look for them both.
I think you have a few fics mixed up in there.

The two that come to mind are
Muggle Summer


The Granger Defence (or Defense, not sure on spelling)

But i dont think they're on this site.