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help me?
sorry I'm asking you this but I cannot send any email to the admin's adress, so I was wondering, will you send this message to him/her? I've tried to find another way to contact them but I can't so... please? I have these two questions for them:

"First I'd like to ask is about the ratings. Since I, until now, only used sites with a different rating-system I don't understand what is meant with ratings like G, R, PG-13 and so on. All ratings I've used until now are ratings like K, T, M, MA etc. So if you can give me an idea of what you mean by them then I can rate my stories properly (I haven't posted them yet because of this, because one of them is MA rated on other sites)

My other question concerns the shaman king category. I was looking around for how I was to upload my stories, and discovered that for the shaman king category there where no characters to choose from. Do I have to request them or something? If that's the case, then I'd like to request the characters 'Hao Asakura' and 'Yoh Asakura'."

my penname is dreamcatcher-sama. I hope that is enough for the admin to contact me. if you can send him these questions I'd be very grateful! thank you and again, sorry for bothering you.