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Doesn't seem very fair...
just a question, but why is that lately the not so good quality stories get more reviews, yet the good 'actually going somewhere' stories get less rates and reviews. It's kind of unnerving, cause some stories I read that are actually really written well, don't get the credit they deserve, while the typical stories get more rates and reviews.

I just don't understand how that works. Are most people not adaptable to change?

Sorry for the rant, but it's getting kind of ridiculous.
Same as above
I agree, I am seeing the down right aweful stories with several reviews and the good ones with none.

You are correct it is not fair. But then again People are more likely to tell you when you have done something that is bad, then to congradulate you when you have done something good.

You see it all the time in the work place. And in the movie office space.....
littleblinkingstar yes, it's quite unfair. it seems to me as if quite some people reading fics want the 'easy-ones'... everything 'deeper' or similiar gets ignored, because (and i've read complaints like these: 'the chapters are too long' and they actually have to think.)
it's annoying, because the good writers really deserve more acknowledgement.
CantThinkOfAName I think it's more annoying when you see an absolutely horrific story, poor grammar, spelling is out the window, doesn't make a lick of sense and is shorter than most forum posts...And idiots review saying how they love it and it's great and they can't wait to see more. Then, anyone who leaves a review saying that it needs work, they are 'flamers'.
Lilithnyx Alas.. I have two stories going with multiple chapters and one completed story. Not a single review on any of them. But plenty of very poorly written stories have dozens each...

But that is how people are.. they like smut, sexist remarks, degrading sterotypes, violence and all a manner of barbaric things that forever destroy our world...

Truely cultured, let alone "GOOD AND TALENTED" writters, poets, artists and musicians are rare creatures now... so few and far in between....

For all of my fellow cultured artists... both Masters and the Mistress of your trade... we, I fear are a dieing breed...
dollypin If you look up from my post you see five people who obviously care for well written stories so write for them, because you dont want a review from someone who cant read a story more then 10'000 words long.

Would you really use that feedback?
I agree
I agree. I think there are some stories that deserve feedback and nice ratings. After all, most people are great writers themselves. :)
imarockstarbaby I agree 100%! It's like all people want to read is horrifying sexual crap that's barely over one chapter. Are there not more fanfickers who would actually enjoy a well written plot? Just because there are maybe 30 chapters does not mean that interesting factors such as drama, horror, or even sex are not incorporated into the plot! For example the story 'All About You' (by the way congrats to the author of that story it was AMAZING) in the My Chem thread...it's quite a lengthy story but it had all the elements of a wonderful plot! Maybe readers like we are discussing are just too impatient?

It takes patience to read!
yeah it's really ridiculous. And I agree with imarockstarbaby and everything she said. I'm grateful for rates, but reviews would be nice. It does take patience to read and I think a lot more writers deserve more credit.

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