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Hello I'm New. =)
Hiya just thought I would introduce my self. I like writing stories so I hope to get some up soon.

=D Signed by White-Haru.
i was scaning through topics and you caught my eye you like fruits baskets i really like it haru kyo and yuki are my fav caracters squeal
Hi! Welcome! I love Fruits Basket too...my favourites are the Mabudachi Trio! Have fun!
Enlighten this poor Inuyasha fan: What's the plot of Fruits Basket?
:) Actually, Inuyasha was my first anime love...went directly to Fruits Basket from there! Let's see...plot...

After the death of her mother, Tohru Honda is living in a tent on what turns out to be the property of the Sohma family. The Sohmas discover her living arrangement and take her in [she actually lives with her grandfather, but his house is being remodeled, so she's gone off on her own] -- but Tohru discovers the Sohmas' terrible secret. Each of them are possessed by the vengeful spirits of the Chinese zodiac. Whenever any of them becomes weak or ill...OR...is hugged by someone of the opposite gender, they transform into their zodiac animal. In addition to the 12 affected, there's a god figure, who although younger than some of them, and physically weaker than most of them, rules them tyranically...and they have little power against this dark, mysterious figure!

Anyway, Fruits Basket is a wonderful story, which is still going on...it's silly, sweet, dark, angsty and light all at once! I LOVE IT! ;)