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Family Guy was destined to succeed.

http://www.dvdsuperdeal.com/family-guy-seasons-1-8-dvd-boxset.html Family Guy was destined to succeed. Even though Fox cancelled it, the Cartoon Network revived it and the DVD market paved the way for its eventual network return. Despite its familial name, however, this is by no means a family show. Like All in the Family before it, each episode begins with cast members singing words that long for the good old days in this case, the good old days of television. But whereas All in the Family was all about the troubling racism and personal politics of the time, which bubbled just beneath the surface of society, http://www.dvdsuperdeal.com/family-guy-seasons-1-8-dvd-boxset.html Family Guy takes on many of these same topics and then blurts them out like a tactless guy at a party that says exactly what he's thinking, without even a second thought about self-censorship.Peter Griffin is this family's Archie Bunker, if you will. And like Bunker, Griffin is usually completely oblivious to his many wrong-doings. For instance, when asked to break the bad news about his condition to an AIDS patient, Griffin approaches this task by singing the diagnoses with a peppy barbershop quartet. Another uncomfortable comedic situation is an episode where Griffin is diagnosed as being retarded. Politically correct, this show certainly ain't.
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