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One more thing that irritates me is when the author holds an audition but never writes or updates the story, it's like why do we even bother 'applying', from a personal POV, I can make up my own characters, that's the beauty of writing. I almost feel like people just do it just to do it. It's a huge irritating let down.

I just say if you're gonna hold an audition, then commit to it.
I hate how on this site most of the mcr fics are people making the guys all have sex with eachother I mean what ever happen to non sexual fics. It's ok to have it if that's how your story is don't get me wrong but can't we have something other then a bunch of sex stories. Or I really hate when they make everything perfec you know like white picket fince everythings all brids and buterflys add some drama or i hate when people stop writting a story in like the middle and its really good
I hate when Fanfics are left unfinished and you're stuck not knowing what happens.

I also hate it when you give a person an idea, and they say, 'you write it' or when they agree to write an idea you have, they take forever to finish it. Or maybe never even finish it at all.
heyy i know this prolly isn't the place to ask this but if theres anyon out there that likes mcr things or anyone at all really could they review my new well re written frank iero story?
Improper grammar and spelling. It feels like the most petty thing, but nothing turns me off a story quite like peopl fergotting to profreed there work.

The only other irritating thing I can think of that I see quite a lot is the descriptive info dump at the beginning of the story. That is, they'll introduce the main character and go SHE HAS RED HAIR, PALE SKIN, AND BLACK EYES. SHE IS FIVE FOOT FOUR INCHES TALL AND WEARS PLAIN CLOTHING. Stop it! Weave the descriptions into the text! Weave, damn you!
Fanfics are where you piggyback on the talent of better writers and jack off to your legal plagiarism. Fuck all of you.
Ohh yea becuase trying to start drama on the internet is sooo mature and actually it's not plagiarism because you are not or shouldn't be taking creidt for making no OC people and no one's making money or getting anything off of doing this other then growing as a writter and what not
"Auditions" for fanfics drive me up the wall. If you're writing a story, you really should be creative enough to come up with your own character, honestly.

Looking at MCR fics (the ones I read most) I'm absolutely sick of the cliche highschool stories. Especially high school frerards. Where's the originality?
Yeah I agree with the MCR fan fics. I do notice how people repeat the same setting and have similarities with other stories. There should be new stories with fresh ideas.

Also, (Just my opinion) I believe people should expand their horizons of different bands to write about. There are so many bands and aritsts out there and to have very few slots is disappointing. ):
i hate when they write sloppy and where sex is the only plot or when things get a little to unrealistic or when it moves to fast