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Mcr...sold out?
Well, so I know I'm probably going to piss alot of people off, but oh well.

MCR...has officially sold out to me. This whole Killjoy thing was cool at first, but now it just seems way too pop.

Now I've hearing multiple reactions and most think the change of sound is good or bad. I think it's well, terrible. I know every band likes to 'broaden their hozions', but there's a difference between finding a sound, and then completely changing everything you stood for.

Now before you tell me to fuck off, at least listen first. I know it sounds like I'm expecting the same five guys who were dark and edgy, and I sort of was, only because these were the people I related most too. Their songs, interviews, I was in love (hypothetically speaking.)

And after watching SING, I was officially unimpressed with the new album. It's too pop, and you know that's only because of the record label.

I just feel like these people who were going through what I went through, and still am, I don't know how to relate to them anymore. I suppose our favorite men grew up, but perhaps living in LA has changed their perspectives maybe.

I don't mean to upset anyone, but as an ex MCR fan, they tought me to express myself, so I am.

I agree. I am trying to force my self to like the new but even now I like the old them when it was, you had to live to survive and now its: Were alive lets fight for happiness well we jump and be happy. (I kow does not make sense)

I cant relate.
i agree (sadly) i mean when they made the band they made it to save peoples lives but the songs on danger days... ehhh :\ i really cant relate to S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W or Zero percent where when i listen to any song on bullets i can hear all the emotion in gees voice and they just sounded like they where pouring their hearts into the music i just cant hear the emotion in danger days :\ ~le sigh~ xP
i see what you saying and as much as it sucks to say i think your right. its harder to releat to their danger days music but fortanatly i think it still sounds good so i can still fade out in my own little world but my fav most relatable era/album has to be black parade. as for most realatable song in the whole of mcr has to be im not ok, i mean everyones messed up sometimes in our lives and that song has helped me in so meny ways over the years.and yes i no im not ok is in revenge not black parade but still
you. just. said. EVERYTHING I FEEL ABOUT THIS ALBUM. it made me sooooooo dissapointed the first time i heard one of the songs off it. I LOVE BLACK PARADE !!!!!! the darkness of it, the emotions, the meaningas...
danger days... IS FUCKING POP.
its not the mcr i love...
thank you for saying this