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Not much written yet, but what a premise!

Sam from Quantum Leap jumps into Professor Snape. Oh. My. God.

The downside is that there's not enough meat on these very promising bones for me to tell if it'll be good or not.
Thanks for the rec! I'm considering continuing...it was first intended as a 100 word Harry Potter crossover challenge...which is why there's not a lot to go by!
I've done about eleven hundred-words for Inuyasha fandom. I found it to be a most excellent enterprise, condensing a meaningful story to so few words.
It's really quite a challenge...and often harder than it looks! Sometimes it comes out great, other times not so much...but always a good exercise!
I remeber reading that somewhere & loving it. My onesan is really skilled at wrting drabbles.
A crossover with Quantum Leap with Harry Potter. Hilarious in a good way.

Cool thing about fanfics, you can make them into whatever you please.