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Just a new face among the crowd
Hello, guys! I'm Roma and I came on this site to post my story "The Secrets Within". I hope you guys will read and like it! ^_^
I most certainly will be checking out your fics, chickpea! ^_^ It's so lovely to meet new people, and your username's pretty? Melts in a puddle of friendliness and sap
Thank you, but Roma's my real name, lol. I'm glad you'll be checking out my fic. I hope you have good reviews on it!
Hmm... I'm not a big Stephen King fan, but anyone with the guts to use her real name out here is probably okay in my book. My sister found out about my little hobby and coined the phrase "metageek." I actually kind of like it, though...
Yeah, my sister just thinks I'm a computer freek. But my fan fic should have been in the 'original' section, in my opinion. Because it isn't very Stephen King-ish to me. I changed a lot...
Hi Roma!
Just wondering how you got that name, since my mother's name was also Roma. I know how she and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) got the name, so I find it interesting to learn why others are named Roma.
Having lived my previous life as a classics major, "Roma" seems like such a normal name I'm surprised people notice it. Except I also think of what Rome's "secret name" was -- I assume you know that odd little quirk!

Welcome from the obscurely-obsessed FFX corner of ficwad.