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Any Bonanza fans out there?
I've noticed that although there's a Bonanza category in TV, there's no stories. Am I the only one here who likes Bonanza?
I watched it when I was younger, it's been years though. Do they still play it on tv?

kimper :)
Yea, they show it on TVLand, and sometimes on i (used to be called PAX.)
That's cool :) I used to really enjoy that show.

kimper :)
Yea. I just posted my first story. Its the first story to go in Bonanza! :D
Way to go!

kimper :)
Thanks! ^_^ Hey, you should check out http://www.bonanzaworld.net! They have lots of pics, and music, and fanfiction and stuff!
I love Bonanza! SJS is the best!!!!!!!