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Any Bonanza fans out there?
I've noticed that although there's a Bonanza category in TV, there's no stories. Am I the only one here who likes Bonanza?
I watched it when I was younger, it's been years though. Do they still play it on tv?

kimper :)
Yea, they show it on TVLand, and sometimes on i (used to be called PAX.)
That's cool :) I used to really enjoy that show.

kimper :)
Yea. I just posted my first story. Its the first story to go in Bonanza! :D
Way to go!

kimper :)
Thanks! ^_^ Hey, you should check out http://www.bonanzaworld.net! They have lots of pics, and music, and fanfiction and stuff!
I love Bonanza! SJS is the best!!!!!!!
I like the show! They show it on MeTV and have some episodes on Youtube! Finally there's some people on here to appriciate classic TV!

Too bad there's nothing here where people can write fanfics for classic TV shows. There is on Fanfiction.net