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Pondering into sexuality
Ermm hi ppl... I just need a bit of advice of this one. As the title says, I'm up to the age where I question my feelings and need help. I don't care if the person/s who write back are lesbians or gays, as a 13 yr old girl who NEVER judges and accepts all kinds of friends I respect your hopefully helpful replies.
Oh and if you're a homophobe... GET THE FUCK OUTTA OUR FACE!!!!
Are you trying to tell us you need help accepting the fact that you're gay, or that you are having questions and want some answers about sexuality in general?
I just hacked my sisters page to give you a little advice on the subject. Your personal feelings are solely yours, none of us can tell you you should be this way....Do this because its what society says.....No how you feel is yours and solely yours. This is your life to live and to hell with what people have to say about it, because at the end of the day, you'll be the one who has to live with yourself. If your feelings go towards woman explore it......Don't knock it because....Oh my family would look down on me....Or people would judge me.....Screw society and how they feel about YOU! In your heart you know what you want and what you will decide to do.......And especially with today's world being gay is a lot more acceptable. So pursue those feelings and find YOURSELF. Do what makes YOU happy.....because honestly our views mean Jack. LOL :) I hope you find happiness in the decisions you make. :)
just be you :3 i mean if you like dudes go for it! If you like girls abseloutley fine it just matters if your happy dont let others take away any of your belifes
hey its good to share what your feeling and a few years ago i was in the exact same situation and now i have an adorabal girlfriend and i love her to bits but back to the point dont be afraid to ask yourself what you turly want and when you descover who you are, nomater what anyone says dont be afraid to be who you are and always be proud of it. if any one trys bringing you down about your sexuality look em straight in the eye and say ''fuck you i am who i am and if you cant aceped that that its you problem not mine coz im fine just how i am bitch!'' thats what i asways say to any homophbic pricks at my school and for me they soon backed the fuck off. but my point is always be proud of who you are nomater what you are